Thai Pineapple Chicken Fried Rice

Revised 2018 Jan 06

6 servings


5 cups cooked white jasmine rice
1 cup chicken, chopped into small pieces *
1/2 tablespoon soy sauce
3 tablespoons minced onion
4 cloves garlic, minced
1 fresh red or green chili, minced **
1/2 teaspoon whole cumin seeds
1 small carrot, sliced or chopped into small pieces
1 egg
1 1/2 cups pineapple, chunks fresh or canned
3 tablespoons agave nectar
1/4 cup frozen peas
1/4 cup dry roasted cashews, unsalted
3 tablespoons oil or appropriate fat
-- Stir Fry Sauce --
2 tablespoons pineapple juice
2 1/2 tablespoon fish sauce
1/2 teaspoon sugar
1/3 teaspoon turmeric
1/4 teaspoon coriander
1/4 teaspoon cumin


Place chopped chicken in a bowl together with the soy sauce. Stir to combine and set aside to marinate while you finish your other prep work.

Combine all 'Stir-fry Sauce' ingredients together in a cup, stirring to dissolve the sugar. Set aside. (Note: If using fresh pineapple, you will have to press some of the fruit to come up with the juice, but the fresh taste will be worth it!)

Place a wok or a large, deep frying pan over medium to medium-high heat. Drizzle in the oil, then add the onion, garlic, chili, whole cumin, and carrot. Stir-fry 1 minute.

Add marinated chicken and stir-fry 2-3 minutes, or until chicken turns white and opaque.

Crack in the egg and continue stir-frying, breaking up the egg with your utensil into small pieces to combine with the other ingredients.

Add the stir-fry sauce you made earlier. Also add the cooked rice, pineapple, raisins and peas. Fry together by gently stirring, lifting and turning. Break up any clumps of rice by pressing down against them with the flat side of your utensil. Fry in this way 3-5 minutes, or until rice is a uniform golden colour. Finally, add the cashews and stir them in.

Remove from heat and taste-test, adding more fish sauce for a saltier, more flavorful rice (how salty your rice tastes will depend on whether you started with salted or unsalted rice. I always start with unsalted rice and end up adding 1-2 Tbsp. more fish sauce). If you'd prefer a spicier rice, add more fresh or dried chili..

* a small breast or a couple of thighs
** Substitute 1/2 - 3/4 teaspoon dried red chilis

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