"My" Recipes

On these pages you will find my recipes, at least those deemed worth sharing. These are "mine" because I've created them, or I've modified them, or I just plain like them.

NSR Like almost every cook in the world, my recipes came from someone else. Those that have will be attributed to the author if I know who it is (or perhaps where it originated). Even if it's one that I created it had it's origins in the experience I've derived from others (but I won't be shy about taking a little credit).

Unlike some of the delightful blogs that abound on the internet you won't find much in the way of comment about the creation or the process simply because I find that kind of writing difficult. Perhaps if I practise . . .

There are some things that may not be mentioned in the recipes:

I hope you can find something here that you can use and that you continue to enjoy cooking as much as I do.