I was born here in Chatham, Ontario, Canada well over half a century ago.

After completing high school I found employment in various capacities including building houses, factory labourer, machine assembly, equipment installation, and computer programmer/technical support. I'm now semi-retired but other peoples computers still occupy a good part of my time.

At 18 I purchased a Sunbeam Alpine series I. That quickly led to membership in the local sports car club and the discovery of a Canada wide network of like minded individuals. I got to see quite a bit of Canada on the way to and from competitions. I soon learned to that if you're going to have fun participating in something then you have to help to make it work. I got involved in administration at local, provincial, and national levels.

Then I met a woman (Gabrielle) from the next village and got married, bought a house, and started focusing a little closer to home. Up till this time my interest in food consisted mostly of eating it but I started doing the grocery shopping and then dabbled in the kitchen from time to time. Eventually we began formally sharing the cooking duties then as our lives evolved I was working from home and Gabby was working in an office so it made more sense for me to cook than her.

Now I'm having fun playing with my food and sharing some of it here.